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Donate Your Deductible

Let us repair your vehicle and we will donate your deductible to your church, church school, or mission that we partner with. If your church, school, or mission is not fundraising through our program, you can also choose to have your donation go to one of the charitable organizations we actively support.

Church in Action

It is said that the church isn't a building per se, but in fact, the church are the people who follow Christ. In order to help your local faith community fundraise for their building fund, mission, or special project; give us the privilege to repair your vehicle and your deductible will be donated to your place of choice.


Christian Education

These days, many people struggle to send their children to a school whose mission aligns with their values. So, many parents are choosing to put their children through church school or even join a homeschooling association. Demonstrate your support for values-driven education by selecting a partner educational institution which your deductible will be donated to.

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