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For certain, by now you have had dozens of PDR companies at your door. How can you choose the right company without having regrets later on? Whom can you trust? Some offer more than others but what's the catch? Questions like these and many others are on your mind. 


Thank you for checking us out. We would like to tell you up front, we are NOT cheap; however, in no way this means it will cut you short. You will most likely make higher profits with us and have less issues to deal with than with someone who offers you a higher percentage.


Over the years we have learned much about what our customers are looking for when it comes to choosing a PDR company. Your decision to subcontract the right company will save you a lot of frustration down the road. Here are the top reasons that set us apart from the rest:

1.   Technicians with highest work ethics

We are a company of trustworthy family men who have no desire for foolishness at work. All our technicians show up at work on time, work long hours and are focused on getting the job done. 

2.   Higher quality 

Our technicians are the best in the industry. In fact, when high dollar cars are damaged by hail, even other PDR companies subcontract us to do the work for them. Our technicians are well known in the industry for being highly skilled and experienced.

3.   Difficult damage

Usually, by the second week, bodyshops find themselves in a bottleneck caused by many panels that are sent for conventional repair. Most of which could have been repaired by our highly skilled technicians. Unlike other techs, we push-to-paint difficult panels especially roofs that are difficult to replace. This significantly reduces the turnaround time. We do not cherry-pick the easiest panels.

4.   Flexible R&I operation

If our R&I operation overlaps with yours, we will not charge your shop. All of our customers expressed appreciation for that.


5.   Eliminate overestimating frustrations

We have picked up many customers who were frustrated with their previous PDR company for constantly overestimating and refusing to budge. Too many negotiations with insurance companies would be a daunting job for your staff.


6. Fair and accurate estimates


We believe in honesty. If the damage is there, we would like to be paid fairly for our work. That is why we insist that our technician be present when the adjuster comes. We want to be sure the adjuster sees every dent and agrees with our estimate. We want the insurance industry to trust our estimates.


7.   State-of-the-art estimating software


Our customers love our estimating software. Some even send our estimate directly to the insurance. The software produces clear, easy to follow and detailed estimates.

8. Flexibility

It is inevitable that sometimes there will be conflicts, overlaps, mistakes, etc. We are not in the business of arguing over a few dollars or some extra work. We would rather go the extra mile for our customers than make a small gain. 


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