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Direct Customer FAQ

What is PDR?

PDR stands for Paint-less Dent Repair. It is the process of removing dents to the original condition, without the need to paint. PDR is an insurance company's first choice, because it drastically reduces the time needed to complete the repair and retains the original manufacturer paint. Less time, less materials, less pollution.

Will my insurance premium go up if I open a hail claim?

No. Insurance companies classify hail damage as a natural catastrophe and does not raise premiums.

How long will it take to repair the dents?

Through our Customer Direct Repair Program we can have your car ready within 3 days from the time the insurance approves the repair.

Will you waive my deductible?

Yes, for repairs over $4,000, we will wave $500. Below $4,000 we will wave $250 of your deductible. (not including cost of parts)


How does the donation to charity work?

If your deductible is less than $500 and your repair cost is above $4,000, we will donate the difference to a charity of your choice. For example: Your deductible is $100. If the repair cost is above $4,000 the donation amount will be $400. If the repair cost is below $4,000 the donation amount will be $150. 


Do you offer a written Lifetime Warranty?

Yes. For as long as you own the vehicle it is covered under our Lifetime Warranty, just as what you would get through a collision center.


​Is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed?

Absolutely! Please entrust us with your confidence. We would rather go the extra mile, or whatever it takes, to make sure you are satisfied than trample on our Christian values. Our relationship with you and your satisfaction is more important to us than money.


​What if conventional repairs are required?

In addition to direct customer repair, we partner with collision centers to leave you hassle-free. If some parts of the car require painting, we will take the car to one of our contracted collision centers.


​Do you replace glass and moldings?

Absolutely! We will deliver a complete repair of your vehicle. We will restore your vehicle to the pre-hail condition.


My repair with a collision center is scheduled, is it too late to bring it to you?

No. As long as your vehicle has not been dropped-off for repair, you can still bring it to us. All paperwork with the insurance can be easily switched with one phone call. 


What if my insurance is sending me to their preferred collision center?

You have the right to repair your vehicle at any repair facility of your choosing. No insurance company will decline such request. 


​Why do you consider your technicians to be the best?

All of our technicians have years of experience with collision centers such as Caliber Collision, Service King, ABRA, Gerber Collision and Glass. Working for major corporate collision centers gives them the training/experience where quality is not only expected but demanded. 


​Do you have a loaner car program?

Yes, if your policy does not include car rental, we have several loaner vehicles available, free-of-charge, that you can use for the duration of the repair. 


​What insurance companies do you accept?

We work directly with all insurance companies. We already have established working relationships with most of them.

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